Suggestion regarding food

Suggestion regarding food


Try to get a 2-star boar(or even just 1-star) to breed with, they drop a lot more meat, regular boars only guarantee scraps. And with carrots and red mushrooms you can make carrot soup, which is great for stamina.


You are using "no star" boars. Find and tame 1 or 2 star boars for guaranteed meat every time. Hint: if you breed lower tier boars with upper tier boars, some of the offspring will be upper tier boars. That means you only have to find a single 1 or 2 star, and you can then weed out the lower tier ones until you are producing only upper tier. Also, don't use carrots by themselves. Check your cauldron to see if there is a recipe that uses carrots as an ingredient to make a better food.


Basically what the others said, a two star boar makes husbandry so easy. We're never short of meat and have turnip stew for days xD You can also just go on a quick hunting trip when you are low and shoot some deers and slash some boars or just whenever you're out and about kill any that come near you so you're always bringing back some extra meat. Killing necks is great too as you're better to eat neck meat than carrots on their own. If you have turnips you must already be in swamp land - why aren't you making sausages? Another tip, don't eat your best food when you're just farming/ chilling at base. Eat carrots and things that you have going spare and save the good stuff for exploration/ hunting/ boss killing. You'll soon find the chest of good food stocks up nicely when you're not using it for the day to day chilling and building.


We are making sausages but didnt know about the importance of stars on the boar you breed so we are always low on meat! We have been farming for a while so we have so much veggies and now we are building a big base so its a hassle with low stamina, we are three playing and I’m just trying to make sure we have good food, feels like you should be able to sustain 3ppl with sausage, turnip stew and fish with 8boars but ours was zero star! Also are there no recipies for fish? We are just entering mountains so I dunno what best foods are.


That makes sense! You'll definitely find it easier once you find the two star boar and if it's stamina you're looking for then jam is pretty good. It's fairly cheap to make as well - just raspberries and blueberries. For the mountains frost potions and a good balance of stamina and health is really useful as you'll do a lot of jumping to get up the mountains. I'd suggest jam/ carrot soup, sausages and either turnip soup or cooked fish or cooked neck as a reasonable starting point. Health potions and bonemass buff can be very helpful too.


Yes, there are several recipes for fish - just plain roasting works, once you have grain you can make Fish Wraps, which are really good food.


The only "fish" recipe before you can start processing barley is serpent stew


Mushrooms and carrots make carrot stew. I’m mid game but it makes carrots worth the time.