Worth if to watch after season 7?

Worth if to watch after season 7?


I can see how you might not like the episode, but how does it make the previous seasons have no meaning? Personally, I love season 7. There are definitely some slower episodes/scenes, but some of my favorite scenes are from that season too. 8 is rougher, and then 9 & 10 are great. I'd say keep going, but it depends on your reasons for not liking S7 Episode 1.


How did it make the previous seasons lack meaning exactly?


There's a lot of meaning in that episode, I'd even argue that it's the most important point in the show since the show's premiere. See, Rick and company thought that they had completely figured out this world, that they were the ultimate survivors capable of doing anything, but this is the episode where reality hit them in their faces, this is the point where the world reminds them what kind of hell they are in. It's a very hard lesson that teach them that there's no hope without sacrifices and humility, that they cannot let their guard down because their fight for survival it's far from over. This is basically the final arc of the story that was being told since season one. After that, a new world begins, and the show starts a fresh new story basically. Season 7's premiere makes them lose all hope again, it strips them from their strength, leaving them totally defeated. It's their darkest hours before dawn. So yes, keep watching, there's a light at the end of all that horror. Also, the latest seasons have been amazing, so don't miss out on that


Yes Glenn’s death will have a lot of meaning. The change both Maggie and Rick go through, and how Glenn’s death impacted them is clearly seen and JDMs portrayal of Negan will make it a lot better. Don’t quit, it does get better IMO


Grow up. It’s a zombie show that is supposed to be violent.


I was in the same boat as you man, seasons 7 and 8 were a bit of a drag but 9 and 10 are amazing! Just like the good old days.


Yes. Absolutely watch it. If you were a fan of Glenn, well sorry, that sucks, he was my favorite character, but at least now you get to hate Negan. If you weren’t a fan of Glenn, you will love Negan. I personally love all the seasons, and I hope you will too, so I recommend watching it. It will make more sense, more stuff will happen.


Honestly the premiere is my favourite episode of the series! The acting and emotion is just incredible but it’s the slowness of parts of s7/8 that make it rough...but 9/10 are some of the best of the series so hang in there and keep watching!


ngl seasons 7 and 8 werent the greatest. i took a long break before deciding to finish those seasons theres still good moments though for the characters so i would watch it :))


In my honest opinion, it's not really worth watching. I know it's a zombie show, but it became very irritating watching everyone die. (I've only seen through part of season 10, so don't quote me). But- it seems to be the same story repeated over and over again. New villain comes in, war, death, zombies thrown in, repeat.


Why is that a bad thing? It makes sense that our heroes would run into antagonistic forces.


Yeah, but it also gets old after awhile. Some people (myself included) get too emotionally attached to characters and story lines. If they're already upset by Glenn's death, the worst is yet to come. I always said if Glenn died I'd never watch the show again, and I didn't until 4 or so years later. People can only stand so much heartbreak lol


I guess I enjoy the heartbreak. Not sure what that has to do with antagonistic groups though.


What’s the point of watching the show when there’s no one to root for or get invested into? Out of the original cast from season 1 how many people remain? 2? 3 if you count Morgan but he left for the spin-off show. Why should I watch a show when there’s no one to attach myself to? Plus yes, antagonists are fine. But we don’t NEED a major antagonist. Remember seasons 1-2 and season 4(the second half)-6? There was no centralized antagonist, no big baddie to fight. Just people trying to survive in a zombie apocalypse. Sure we had some human enemies, but they weren’t the focal point of the show.


Yea, I think it's nice when there's breaks between antagonists, but it's also cool when they take a 1.5 seasons to deal with a Big Bad. I'm willing to bet that they're going to get through the Reapers pretty quickly in S11, and then the Commonwealth definitely isn't an antagonistic group. Why are you acting like there's no one left to care about? Why are Daryl, Carol, Maggie, and Negan not enough? There's plenty of A- and B-tier characters left. What about Connie, Jerry, Ezekiel, Eugene, Yumiko, Gabriel, and Aaron?


Watch it. I know it’s tough but watch it all


s7 and s8 are bad but it definitely is worth pushing through bc s9 and s10 are amazing!!