New infrastructure deal faces Democratic resistance as liberals call for an end to bipartisan talks

New infrastructure deal faces Democratic resistance as liberals call for an end to bipartisan talks


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This can only hurt the GOP. Americans want an infrastructure bill.


You aren’t taking into account how fucking brainwashed GOP voters are. A good portion of them believe the most recent stimulus was a republican idea that the democrats were against




Oh bullshit. As if republican voters could even explain how national debt works without being deeply wrong


Now we’re worried about the debt? Where was this concern when trillions were handed out mostly to the richest among us?


…we’ve been complaining about the debt ever since bernake bailed out the banks


Not a single Republican cared about the debt during the Trump era. Not a single one.


Good. When every vote counts, I’m tired of the radical centrists of the party being the only ones to throw their weight around.


There is no deal. Republicans want to hurt America so they win power back


Whatever happened to the moderate of either party..both parties sacrifice policy for show boat politics .


What are you talking about? There is only one party attempting to govern. The other only obstructs.


There aren’t enough moderate Republicans to beat the filibuster even if they come up with something that can get all the democrats along with the moderate Republicans.


Correct it is a terrible lesson our children are learning in politics today. I miss The days of good moderate republican and democrat leadership.. now we have audits and moronic theater while china is getting ready to be the worlds largest economy and russia wants to hold the world hostage with its effective hacking and we in the USA are still wrapped in the fallacy of the big lie. Our children really are being shortchanged and bankrupted with the ridiculous stimulus dollars being printed like monopoly money.


Let’s just keep fighting amongst each other. While the country crumbles under our feet. 3 term limit on all politicians that way they have to work instead of fighting how to spend your money. The taxpayers